Roadside Assistance

My dog jumped on my lap, I spilled my coffee, I went into the ditch, I hit a deer.  Now my car won’t start and I locked my keys in it!!

It’s all happened, maybe all of it’s happened, maybe it all happened at once.  I don’t know. All I know is you can call us and I’ll feel sorry for you.  But I’m still going to have to charge you when I come and pick up your vehicle. How about rental car coverage? Geez, what am I going to do now?  I smacked a deer, there’s coolant all over the highway… and I don’t know what to do???? Well, you should have thought things through when your insurance company signs you up with a policy, they clearly asked you if you wanted roadside assistance and if you didn’t, shame on them! And if they did and you denied it, shame on you.  Irregardless It’s only a matter of time before YOU will need it.  So folks, GET COVERED! It’s pennies and it saves you so much hassle in the long run.  So….no huge deductibles, keep it under $500.00. Get roadside assistance paid for.  There are other companies like AAA that you can get from second parties that are not involved with your insurance company at all.They just have coverage for roadside and all that but make sure you’re getting rental car , low deductible.  Like AAA Gold, you don’t have to pay anything and you get like four tows or visits a year. Cuz each car grows with the person, not your automobile so you can be in anybody’s car and still get roadside assistance.  That’s awesome!  

So there you have it, folks!