Why we take pictures

OK….You dropped your car off at the body shop, now what???  Do you ever wonder what happens???  Are they going to do a good job??? Am I going to be happy??? Are they doing everything the insurance company paid them to do???  

Well…. YOU SHOULD get daily pictures, updates, to ease your mind of things such as: pulling all the moldings, door handles, etc. off for clear coat instead of slapping masking tape over them and clear coating the panel. Just think of this: twelve months down the road, you’re at the car wash and your clear coat starts peeling off. Because some busy body shop decided to hack your vehicle!

 We definitely take big huge steps to insure you that we’re going to do everything that the insurance company pays us to do to give you a lifetime warranty and we are going to prove it by emailing you or texting you updated photos of your vehicle.  Some people want them, some people don’t.  Most people love the pictures!  You can even stop by for an up close and personal look at your vehicle getting fixed!!

More goodies coming next week, check us out!!

“Hit a Deer, Bring ‘Er Here!”